Wooden staff for Anansi storytelling

Black History Month stories

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Today I spent time with a Year 5 class at Campsbourne Junior School to run an oral storytelling workshop.  I’d prepared Black History Month stories which the children could take part in. Some of them had heard the tale of Ananse and the Unknown Assignment by Peggy Appiah from her book ‘Tales of an Ashanti Father’. As […]

Storytelling at Campsbourne School

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To celebrate Black History Month, I was asked to do storytelling at Campsbourne school.  Their Literacy Coordinator asked me to run oral storytelling workshops with their Year 5 classes.  I decided to take them to Ghana with a trickster tale. As we were celebrating Black History Month, I shared with them the history of trickster […]

Storytelling @ Karamel Kids

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Spent this morning at the Karamel Restaurant watching Mike Dodworth the storyteller.  It was a morning of storytelling for kids. It’s a lovely arts venue and Mike captivated children (including mine) with his delightful stories featuring animals in the forest. He had a wonderful way of including his audience in the story, by allowing them to say what […]

Artwork for Anancy the spider man

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When I do live, oral storytelling it means that every time I retell a story it is unique.  It is my interpretation and version of that story.  That’s one of the most compelling aspects of the ancient tradition of oral storytelling.  The stories are not read or memorised, they are ‘retold’. In the same way […]

Storytelling at the Eden Project

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During the Jubilee bank holiday weekend we visited Cornwall and stayed in a valley lodge on St. Tinney’s farm.  It’s a beautiful location, in rural Cornwall.  Although it rained heavily at times, the air was fresh and the woods were perfect for exploring. On one of the sunny days, we headed out to the Eden […]

The structure of folk tales

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Today, my storytelling workshop in Gouda, has us looking at the structure of the standard folk tale.  This gets me thinking more about the sequences for Anancy spiderman stories that I plan to retell.  Peter Fruhmann explains to us how with traditional folk tales you have: Context – where the characters and setting is explained Turning […]