Storytelling for London Primary Schools

KS1 & KS2 storytelling

Wearing a mask to act out the Anancy character
A year 5 pupil acting out a character during storytelling at Campsbourne School

Wendy Shearer is a London professional storyteller who performs folk tales, myths and legends  from around the world in London Primary Schools.

She has a full repertoire of stories for London Primary Schools, Junior and Secondary Schools.  Wendy retells tales to suit your curriculum topics or special events with Black History Month workshops or  literary days like National Storytelling Week and World Book Day.

Using beautiful props and traditional music suited to the stories, Wendy also involves children in the storytelling. Children participate by acting out characters, retelling their own versions and weaving their ideas into the story that’s being told.

Wendy’s storytelling sessions support: creativity, communication skills, confidence, collaboration, literacy.

“Really imaginative storytelling.  You made all of the children feel involved with shaping the story” – Teacher at Derwentwater Primary School

Contact Wendy to find out her full repertoire and to book storytelling sessions.   Wendy also provides storytelling workshops for London Srimary and Secondary Schools.