Midsummer mayhem in New York

On the hottest day of the year, I was invited to read one of my short stories for a Haringey Literature Live event.  The themes were very aptly named ‘midsummer mayhem, heat and summer madness’. Fiction writer Jayne Joso opened up the evening reading an extract from her new novel ‘My Falling Down House’ set in Tokyo. Poet […]

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Life writing in fiction stories

I love re-telling and collecting stories, yet I’ve not made much time to write my own story until now.  I recently attended a short writing course run by Haringey Literature Live.  It was a ‘Life Writing  in Fiction’ course, led by short story writer Rebecca Swirsky.  There were just 3 of us attending the course, all with […]

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Collecting stories

Everyone is a storyteller – we tell stories everyday to each other from ‘what happened on the way to work’ to ‘family memories’.    We tell each other stories to share information, relate and inspire on may levels. Whilst researching Anancy trickster stories to re-tell to children, I also decided to collect stories from around […]

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The structure of folk tales

Today, my storytelling workshop in Gouda, has us looking at the structure of the standard folk tale.  This gets me thinking more about the sequences for Anancy spiderman stories that I plan to retell.  Peter Fruhmann explains to us how with traditional folk tales you have: Context – where the characters and setting is explained Turning […]

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The power of stories

Day 1 of my storytelling workshop in Gouda, finds us in the centre of the city, spending the day at the top of a huge cafe.  I am simultaneously nervous and excited.  For me, this is an adventure.  Why the nerves?  It’s been many years since I’ve been placed in the company of strangers, away […]

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