African and Caribbean folktales in London

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A little bit of drama, storytelling & story making

Here are some of the African and Caribbean folktales that Wendy Shearer performs in London.  All tales are adapted for the relevant audience.  She uses traditional background music to enhance the tales and when telling to children, story making activities are included as part of storytelling workshops.

Anansi & the talking melon

A funny trickster story about Anansi the spider.  He tricks his friend ‘Elephant’ and lots of other animal characters get roped into the trick. Children join in the storytelling with Wendy, using a bit of drama, costumes and their own story making skills. They make their own version of the tale and bring all the characters to life, journeying through the jungle to find the Kingdom of the Birds.

Anansi & Mr Dry Bone

A magical story which finds the trickster Anansi competing with Mr Dry Bone for the love of Miss Louise.  Here Wendy weaves a beautiful tale with poetry and puppets for younger listeners.  Children can join in the rhymes and laugh at the costumes and tricks created by the characters.

Jamela’s Dress

A lively South African tale of a young girl going on an adventure through town. Wendy brings to life the culture and music of Cape Town with instruments for children to take part in the storytelling with dancing and rhyming.

The Wedding Basket

A wonderful taboo story from West Africa. Love, betrayal and a moral lesson for all to learn. A wealthy man finds himself amongst the daughters of the sky god Nyami.  Pride gets in his way as he breaks a promise.  Everyone is spellbound when they hear this tale with unexpected twists and turns.

Anansi & the Unknown Assignment

A dark tale which finds Anansi challenged by a greedy King and trapped in the house of Death.  Everyone is drawn into the tale by helping Wendy make choices for some of the characters.  No one knows the consequences of each choice, except the storyteller.  The ending reaches a dramatic climax as Anansi flees for his life.

Contact Wendy Shearer if you’d like to find out more about the African and Caribbean folktales she performs or other stories.


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